Ceramic Foam Filter

Ceramic foam filter is the third generation of filter material after fiberglass mesh, honeycomb ceramic filter. With its three-dimensional structure, it has excellent filtering functions of screen, filtering, residuum collection and adsorption in filtering molten metal liquid. It has good chemical stability and does not react with alloy liquid, effectively remove the inclusion in the metal liquid to improve the purity of molten metal. It can make casting surface smooth, increase strength, reduce the rejection rate, and reduce energy consumption, improve labor productivity, reduce costs. The ceramic foam filter is not only applied for metal filtering in high temperature, but high temperature gas treatment, carrier of catalyzer , solid heat exchanger and special filling for chemical industry.

With three-dimensional connected porous channel, ceramic foam filter has lots of functions to molten metal as follows:

●Mechanical block: remove large non-metallic inclusions.
●Filtering effect: filter small non-metallic inclusions.
●Deep adherence: adhere little inclusions.
●Reduce turbulence, provide laminar flow, avoid whirlpool.
●Trap gas that enter the mold cavity, relax impact, and decrease drop sand.
After use

■Effectively enhance qualification rate.
■Improve metallurgical structure of metal products
■Enhance mechanical properties of metal products
■Simplify gating system

Ceramic foam filter size:
The size are available in square, round and custom geometric shapes; sizes ranging from 10mm up to 500mm, and thicknesses from 10-50mm. The most common porosities are 10PPI, 15PPI, 20PPI, 25PPI,30PPI,40PPI.
Sizes in Round shape:
40x11mm, 40x15mm, 40x22mm,50x15mm,50x20mm, 50x22mm, 60x22mm,70x22mm, 75x22mm, 80x22mm , 90x22mm,100x22mm, 120x25mm, 150x25mm, 200x25mm
Sizes in Square shape:
37x37x12.5mm, 30x50x22mm,40x40x11mm, 40x40x13mm, 40x40x15mm, 40x40x22mm,50x50x13mm, 50x50x15mm, 50x50x22mm,60x60x15mm, 60x60x22mm 75x75x22mm, 50x75x22mm, 100x75x22mm, 100x100x22mm, 55x55x15mm, 55x55x12.5mm, 66x66x12.5, 150x150x22mm 150x150x25mm

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