Zirconium Oxide Ceramic Foam Filter

Zirconia ceramic foam filters for steel castings and large cast iron pieces, the effective removal of liquid metal inclusions in the bulk, absorption small impurities and harmful elements in reducing gas to improve the mechanical properties of castings.

Apply to all steel, including carbon steel, stainless steel and cobalt base super alloy and so on.

Common Specifications
Diameter / length  40~70mm,thickness 20~25mm
Diameter / length 75~120mm, thickness22~25mm
Diameter / length125~150mm,厚度thickness25~35mm
Aperture10~20PPI,Can be customized

Filtering capabilities

Filtration volume per unit area of the filter is recommended:
Carbon Steel    1.0-2.7 kg/cm2
Stainless Steel   1.0-4.0 kg/cm2


Try to avoid direct impact of molten metal filters, filter direct impact of pouring height should not exceed 300mm 300mm.

Filter before the gas blow off the residue with crumbs.

The best use of open-pouring system, to avoid the gas volume