What is the use of ceramic fiber paper

Ceramic fiber paper with the characteristics of high temperature ceramics, is heat-resistant high purity fiber paper, in the machinery, oil, glass, chemical, home and other aspects of a lot of use. Back to the ceramic fiber, the world's first found the ceramic fiber material is the United States, and China's discovery and research is started in the last century in 70s, and the development and application of real sense is at the beginning of this century, the development of science and technology and the network of the ceramic fiber into the public view. Ceramic fiber paper applications will be developed gradually expanded, and that we are very curious, today Xiaobian to use all the detail of ceramic fiber paper.

Isolation use of ceramic fiber paper:

Ceramic fiber paper with its low density, small thermal conductivity, good thermal stability, high temperature resistance and other excellent properties, become the preferred material fire resistance, thermal insulation, sound insulation and fireproof, fiber paper can not be burned at 1000 degrees Celsius, with high strength and tear resistance. It is because of these special characteristics of isolation, paper can be used as the surface material splash material, heat-resistant alloy sheet and fireproof materials etc.. By dipping coating process, eliminate air bubbles, can also be used as electrical insulating materials which are used in industrial anti-corrosion and insulation materials, is also used in making the fire appliances.

Filter use of ceramic fiber paper:

Ceramic fiber paper can also be produced with the glass fiber filter paper. This high performance ceramic fiber air filter paper has the characteristics of air flow low resistance, high filtration efficiency, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical stability, non-toxic, mainly used in large-scale integrated circuits and electronics, instrumentation, medical preparation, defense industry, subway, defense engineering, food, biological engineering, air purification workshop toxic smoke, soot particles and blood filtering material etc..

Filling use of ceramic fiber paper:

Ceramic fiber paper in addition to the isolation and filtering also has filled with a characteristic, which will be used as filling materials, ceramic fiber has excellent mechanical properties, and high strength, tear resistance, but also has high flexibility, and ceramic fiber paper, slag ball content is low, so it can be made into furniture filling materials, general can do waterproof outer decoration, such as summer cushion, will add a ceramic fiber paper, inside waterproof filling, to give people a very comfortable feeling.