What is the Mechanism for Casting Ceramic Foam Filter

Casting ceramic foam filter The filter cake effect

Complex ceramic foam structure. It can be efficiently mechanical slag. When the liquid metal through the complex structure of the ceramic foam filter. Filter media by mechanical separation action. The filter surface is greater than the diameter of the inclusions larvae L filtered. And allowed to settle in the filter liquid metal inflow side. With the inclusion on the filter surface of the increase in the number of stacking. Will gradually form a "cake." The metal flow path, further thinning. Therefore, the new filter medium surface can be filtered more small inclusions. at the same time. Internal media also have a filter effect. In the ceramic body through the many small holes. Some showed small slit. Some exist dead. These changes are different regions may intercept position inclusions. Internal filters are also "cake" effect.

Casting ceramic foam filter Surface effect

When the metal flow through the complex structure of the ceramic body. It is divided into many small stream. Increasing the contact area between the molten metal and inclusions contact probability with the filter medium. Since the filter surface is tiny uneven surface. Concave block size is about 1 ~ 10 u m. Inclusions electrostatic adsorption and adhesion closure effect.

Casting ceramic foam filter Rectifying effect

Metal flow stream is divided into many small units crossing the ceramic foam filter. Its smaller diameter. So that the Reynolds number (Re_vd / r) becomes smaller. Laminar flow tends to make the motion. When the liquid metal in a laminar flow state. Because of the density of the molten metal is much greater than the density of inclusions. So inclusions have sufficient time to float to be removed. That ceramic foam filter can be assisted runner slag. Gating system placed after the filter. Increased resistance to the flow of molten metal. Runner in flowing liquid metal is easy to form full of movement. Reduce the flow rate. Conducive to inclusion float. And remain in the top runner.