What are the advantages of honeycomb ceramics

Advantages of ceramic honeycomb filler than other shape packing the bigger specific surface area, better intensity etc., so that the liquid vapor distribution is more uniform, lower bed resistance, better effect and prolong the service life, in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and fine chemical industry as the packing effect is quite good.

Honeycomb ceramics used in the catalyst has more advantages. Using honeycomb ceramic materials as the carrier, the special coating material, to precious metals, rare earth metals and transition metal preparation, so it has high catalytic activity and good thermal stability, long service life, high strength advantages.

Honeycomb ceramics for catalytic cracking are replacing existing products. Catalytic cracking with 200 to 500 DEG C of heavy fraction oil as raw materials (including vacuum distillate, straight run light diesel oil and coker gas oil, etc.), by aluminosilicates as catalyst, reaction temperature between 450 to 550 DEG C (with the reactor varies depending on the type of). Its output (each in FCCU, cracking oil each year millions of tons of above), demanding high technical conditions (for example, catalyst per contact with oil for a few minutes or even seconds necessary to regenerate, a minute through fluidized bed catalyst up to 10t or more) with a high catalytic activity, in order to speed up the rate of regeneration, more demanding regeneration conditions. For example, 650 to 600 degrees Celsius, or even 700 degrees, the catalyst consumption is large, feed oil consumption per ton of 0.3 ~ 0.6kg catalyst, catalyst mechanical strength is poor, the consumption is much larger. This requires a slight increase in catalyst activity, selectivity and stability, which will be of great significance to the production practice. Precisely because of this, the ceramic honeycomb catalyst also in constantly, the market demand is more and more big, the FCC catalyst was replaced with ceramic honeycomb catalyst, the number of large size porous ceramic honeycomb catalyst has emerged, strong momentum of development.

Honeycomb ceramic as filter material has the following advantages: good chemical stability, acid and alkali and organic solvents, excellent resistance to acute heat quench performance, working temperature can be as high as 1000 DEG C; antibacterial performance is good, is not easy to be degraded by bacteria, uneasy blockage and easy regeneration; strong structural stability and narrow pore distribution, high permeability, nontoxic, and is especially suitable for in food and drug treatment.

It is mainly used in metallurgical industry. The specific surface area of the honeycomb ceramic body is larger than the surface area, which improves the ability of adsorbing and catching small impurities, and is better than the traditional porous ceramic filtering effect, and the metal liquid flow is stable.