Use doctrine ceramic foam filter

Ceramic foam filter placement

Filters can be placed anywhere in the gating system as close to the casting, the molten metal to minimize erosion force. Bred or endo ball, the filter should be placed behind the reaction chamber, the filter should be as close as possible if the inner runner type. Several common placement.

Ceramic foam filter selection

(1). High temperature filter can withstand the molten metal scouring time is limited, usually to limit the amount of liquid metal per unit area of filter filtered per square centimeter is about the maximum filter: gray cast iron 4 kg, ductile iron 2 kg, steel 1 kg.

(2). It varies depending on the purity of molten metal, casting materials and the like. Usually gray iron choose 20 ppi, 15 ppi or 10 ppi pore size; copper, ductile iron choose 10 ppi; cast selection 6 ppi, 10 ppi.

(3). The larger the thickness of the filter, the better the strength, depth filtration filter efficiency is also higher, but the higher the cost, the rate of decline in the molten metal through ceramic foam filter thickness 10-40 mm, large castings typically 25- 40 mm.

Gating system design

(1). By setting the gating system cross-sectional area ratio of each part to ensure the proper flow rate. In pouring system called the smallest cross-sectional area of flow control area, as this area control the flow rate of the liquid metal. To reduce the impact of liquid metal flow rate filter, the filter should be much larger than the flow area of the flow control area of the gating system.

(2). Filters should not be a cross-section of flow control gating system. It is recommended that the filter area is at least 2-4 times cast iron, cast steel flow control area 4-6 times. Sprue and the gate and cross-sectional area of the cross-sectional area of the cross-sectional area of the runner-yee and generally recommended as 1.0,1.1,1.2, an open casting system.

(3). Filter housings are designed. Filters shall be placed in certain filter holder (Fig. 3) in order to facilitate the placement of the filter and the solid and reliable, in the mold support surface placed at the corner have to do in order to prevent the red sand (sticky sand). Also note: the box corresponding to the sand filters have four weeks of 3-5 mm bead filter around the left and set the gap 1-1.5 mm sand gutters to prevent falling sand, as well as to prevent the box when pressed together bad filter, which should be below the upper surface of the sub-surface 0.5-1 mm, the large size of the filter support surface width requirements greater than 10 mm.