The main features of silicon carbide ceramic foam filter

SiC is highly covalent compound, has good high temperature properties, electrical properties, mechanical properties and chemical properties. Preparation of silicon carbide ceramic foam material can be excellent performance SiC ceramics and porous ceramic applications combine. In this paper, organic foam impregnation process with silicon carbide as the main raw material, clay, alumina successfully prepared a good performance ceramic foam filters. By viscometer rheological properties of the ceramic slurry were analyzed; the influence of various factors on the process of silicon carbide ceramic foam properties.

main feature

Filtered casting inclusions, reduce the casting of gas, reduce the degree of turbulent flow of metal during filling, reducing casting surface defects significantly reduced scrap castings.

Increasing compressive sealing castings, enhance elongation and tensile strength, improved surface finish of the casting. Improved flow of molten metal, increasing the casting filling ability and feeding ability.

Simplified gating system design. Reducing the length of the runner to improve the casting process yield.

Reducing processing time and tool damage, improve casting surface quality.

It has a very high high temperature strength, thermal shock resistance and resistance to metal flow shocks. At work no dregs or rupture phenomenon, to ensure the quality of the filtration of molten metal.

It has a very significant filtering effect. Much higher than other filtering effect of the filter element. Its remarkable filtering effect and "speed criterion" filtering mechanism related.

It can effectively reduce the cast molten metal turbulence caused, so that smooth filling, to avoid casting surface defects.

It has a large metal flow rate, and flow rate stability (as opposed to straight holes ceramic filter with the flow rate is captured by the number of inclusions increases gradually decreases). Even in the case of multiple inclusion content in the molten metal, the normal use will not cause clogging of a filter.

Has a high chemical stability, not affected by the pH of the liquid metal, does not change the chemical composition of the molten metal.

Has a very high dimensional accuracy, can be used to automatically place the filter production line.