Liquid Filtration

1) Chemical liquid filtration. Mainly used in the chemical industry acid, alkaline liquid filtration, the petrochemical industry, aviation kerosene, diesel filters, various organic liquids such as filtration. Such as chemical fiber industry acrylonitrile (N2) unit filter, synthetic rubber industry butyl aluminum catalyst was filtered, the pharmaceutical industry, penicillin, streptomycin and other injection filter. A chemical plant oil plant oil using 20-30μm ceramic filter tubes aviation kerosene filtration, the filtration precision 0.8μm, filtration rate reaches 10m3 / h or more, and run for three years, the effect has been good. Soda using corundum ceramic filter tube magnesium liquid filtration, filtration rate also reached 1m3 / h the long run, the effect is very good. Ceramic filter liquid filter media with the same pole filter frame filter press compared the investment can be reduced by more than 40% efficiency 2-4 times

2) Water filter: mainly used for industrial wastewater treatment, domestic water, mineral water, ultra-pure water preparation and the like. Such as pore size 80-100μm porous ceramic filter industrial wastewater treatment capacity of 10-20m3 / m2 / h, filtering accuracy 5μm suspended solids removal efficiency> 95%.

Gas Filter

Oil is mainly used for a variety of compressed gases, chemical catalysis process impurity gas fine filter, pharmaceuticals, brewing industry, sterile air purification and high temperature flue gas dust removal. Such as ceramic filter fan, compressor oil gas processing, purified gas oil content less than 15ppm, the removal efficiency of 99.5%. Tao Zi pore size 60-80μm filters for the petrochemical industry in the dry gas filter. 20μm pore size of the ceramic filter can be pharmaceuticals, beer brewing industry fermentation process with sterile air. 40-60μm using ceramic filters can be high temperature flue gas. Such as the cupola, PFBC emissions from coal-fired boiler flue gas purification dust, temperature up to 800 ℃, 3μm above the dust particle removal efficiency ≥99%, while the pressure drop <500mmH2O, similarly, use ceramic filter can also be mist gas separation.

In addition, the porous ceramic filter element can also be used cloth gas materials. When utilized in the fermentation industry as addicted to aerobic bacteria, the use of porous ceramic tube (or plate) was blown into the air. Sewage treatment, the use of porous ceramic plate aeration aeration and oxygenation. On, when the water sterilization, blown chlorine, ozone and the like. Gas porous ceramic filter element can also do a variety of electrolyte dispersing element, and is used as a fluidized bed and sticky material handling panels.