Structural Properties of Foam

High porosity
Foam ceramic porosity in the porous ceramic is the highest, its porosity up to 1.5 times the honeycomb ceramic. It is precisely because of the high porosity of the ceramic foam, so that its mesh aperture can be effectively controlled. Because in the metal melt filtration process, the different metal solution for the size of the filter plate is not the same requirements, and foam ceramic this feature can well meet the specific needs.
High strength
The strength of the foamed ceramic is determined by the thickness of its made material and the web skeleton. Different materials of foam ceramic, its strength is not the same, and the thickness of the network skeleton because of the specific requirements of the construction of the existence of differences. In order to improve the strength of the foam material, to meet the needs of the market, usually increase the density of material per unit volume, but pay attention to the degree of control. Because it will narrow the porosity of the ceramic ceramic pores, reducing the porosity. At the same time, due to the three-dimensional structure of the ceramic foam, making it in the process of force, the intensity does not appear directional changes.
Good thermal stability
Metal in the melt filter, because the working environment temperature changes quickly, making the filter material in the thermal stability of the higher requirements. The foam ceramic parts can be a good place to meet this, so the current metal melting filter commonly used foam ceramic filter plate.