Silicon carbide ceramic foam filter sheet presentation

Silicon carbide ceramic foam filter sheet for improving ductile iron, gray iron, malleable iron castings quality, can effectively remove the molten metal in the non-metallic inclusions and reduce turbulence of the molten metal. Products indicators have reached the national standard GB / T 25139-2010 requirements, and identified by the State authority.

Product Features

Filling fully and without blind hole formed strut complete multidimensional channel
Ceramic material enough, computer temperature sintering, high temperature sintering, has excellent thermal shock resistance, high temperature strength and the ability to scour alloy
Size precision, analog deck had finished testing to ensure consistency
Use special adhesive and post-treatment process, not the dregs
Good porosity and ensure good molten iron through

The benefits of using the filter sheet brings

Simplified gating system, improve casting yield
Effective removal of nonmetallic inclusions in molten iron
Reduce turbulence, the flow of molten iron consistency, to reduce the occurrence of bubbles
Improve the mechanical properties of casting, machining to reduce tool wear and reduce costs
Reduce casting scrap rate

Applications: cast iron, bronze, non-ferrous metals and their alloys.

Filter sheet base or slot design

To fully consider the filter sheet placed convenience (such as cone, slope, space, etc.) and solid and reliable. Placed in the mold support surface has to be done at the fillet (wiping edge) to prevent sand washing
Inflow of hot metal surface to leave more than 5mm width support
Filter sheet and set the gap left around 1-1.5mm sand trench to prevent the insertion accidentally fell on the loose sand into the filter type substrate surface should be below the parting line 0.5-1mm, when combined to prevent me crushed sand mold

Silicon carbide ceramic without preheating. Ceramic fragile, transport and use need to avoid smash, drop and rough handling; in front of the box to take the ceramic sheet, may be due to bump or scratch produce some fine slag, and therefore into the gating system, the best compressed air ceramic wiping each surface, and a hand flip sides, light to get rid of fine slag surface adhesion.

Storage: put in dry and ventilated place, the weight is not outside the box, after the ceramic packing generally not more than 7 layers stacked cartons.