Porous ceramic filter material main features

(1) porous ceramic filter material porosity is high, up to 60% or more. The aperture is uniform and easy to control. High filtration precision, up to 0.1μm, suitable for a variety of media precision filtration.
(2) good acid and alkali resistance. Applicable to strong acid (sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid), strong alkali (sodium hydroxide, etc.) and a variety of organic solvent filtration.
(3) high mechanical strength, working pressure up to 6MPa, the pressure difference of up to 1MPa.
(4) high temperature, with good rapid quenching performance, the working temperature up to 800 ℃. Suitable for all kinds of high temperature gas filtration.
(5) filter element itself clean state is good, non-toxic, tasteless, no foreign body off, can be applied to aseptic processing.
(6) filter components long life, long-term use, microporous morphology does not change, easy to clean.