Performance advantages of honeycomb ceramic filters

Honeycomb ceramic filter special material and structure determines its characteristics, one is good strength, wear resistance corrosion, long life, and because of its strength is good, no deformation of the pores, technical indicators stable and no fluctuations; (1.5 microns), the capillary action is strong, the filtrate is automatically inhaled into the micropores, the role of the vacuum pump is to discharge the filtrate, saving energy; and because the work of microporous water over the gas, the filter pressure is high (vacuum can be 0.098Mpa) filter cake water is low, the filter utilization factor is high; also because the pores are small, making the filtrate in the suspended matter content is low, the filtrate is clear, can be used for on-site water use, put an end to environmental pollution and water conservation.
1, the highest production efficiency:
Ceramic filter parts less, less ancillary equipment, reliable operation, low maintenance operation, to ensure that the highest production efficiency of 95%.
2, no environmental pollution:
Ceramic filter filtrate recycling, even if the discharge of water quality is also in line with national standards, no treatment, no air pollution, no water pollution, no filter cloth pollution.
3, the lowest production costs:
Do not need another filter cake drying equipment, energy, equipment consumption reduced by 90%.
4, minimal maintenance, the simplest installation:
Simple operation, low installation cost; smooth operation, reduce downtime; simple operation, technical training period is short; no filter cake, no hair, reduce equipment maintenance; decompression operation, reduce the difficulty of maintenance of high-voltage equipment.
5, equipment self-cleaning:
Do not need auxiliary cleaning equipment, the use of filtrate automatic cleaning, reduce equipment and cleaning downtime.