Introduction of fiber paper

Fiber paper is a kind of solid insulating material used in electrical engineering. Plant fiber paper and synthetic fiber paper, usually impregnated with insulating liquid or insulating paint and plastic.

Impregnated paper, wrapping paper, paper capacitor paper is used in pine fir wood as raw material, its cellulose content is high, fiber is longer. The paper made of paper pulp with wood cellulose as the main component is characterized by good impregnation, high tear strength, dielectric properties of the dipole medium, but poor heat resistance. The breakdown strength, dielectric constant and dielectric loss of the paper increase with the increase of the density of the paper.

Capacitor paper requires low dielectric loss at high temperature, and the whole process of paper making process must use de ionized water to wash away the sodium and potassium ion in the pulp. In order to obtain a higher dielectric constant and breakdown strength, the capacitor paper is very thin (e.g. 10 m), while the density is larger (e.g. 1 g / cm 3). High voltage cable paper requires low dielectric constant and low dielectric loss, in addition to using deionized water but also on the paper, log to select and use electricity in the papermaking process to remove sodium dialysis method.

In order to improve the performance of the fiber paper, chemical treatment of the pulp can be made in the process of paper making, so that the structure can be changed, and the modified paper can be made. For example, using acrylonitrile liquid treatment of kraft pulp, the cellulose molecules in the hydroxyl group of cyanoethylated by Cyanoethylation of paper, the relative dielectric constant of 15.5, and has high heat resistance; with acetic acid or acetic anhydride treatment the acetylation of cellulose sulfate pulp prepared acetylated paper, can improve the thermal stability. Reduce hygroscopicity. If there is no pulp for chemical treatment, but to the pulp directly add amine additives, can be prepared to add amine paper, thermal stability is improved.