Honeycomb ceramic foam filter

Honeycomb ceramic foam filter is widely used in metallurgy, metal casting industry melt filter using mullite (cordierite) of ceramic material, high quality and high density mesh straight hole, the product has a high thermal shock resistance and high fever casting temperature characteristics, straight hole design to ensure that the balance between the flow and strength, effectively remove impurities and slag particles, so that casting mechanical properties, surface quality and greatly improve the rate of qualified products.

Use ceramic foam filter has the following filtration efficiency aspects:

1. Casting structure filtered casting inclusions, reduce the casting of gas, reduce the degree of turbulence when filling metal flow and reduce surface defects of the casting. Significantly reduce the reject rate of castings. Casting castings compressive sealing performance increase, enhance elongation and tensile strength, improved surface finish of the casting. Casting molten metal flow performance improvements, increased casting filling ability and feeding ability.

2. Casting gating system design simplifies system design. Reducing the length of the runner to improve the casting process produced. Casting process to reduce processing time and tool damage, improve the surface quality of the casting process and its use can reduce scrap by 60-80%. Filter sheet User Group will receive Lida million. Uses and advantages of the ceramic filter is to eliminate casting defects, to get the best quality purification device perfect casting. Filtering can be used within foundry type variety of liquid metal.

Preparation Features

New ceramic materials, a natural oxide chemisorption (affinity) capability, adsorption liquid metal impurities (including the pore size of the particles less than) to improve the filtering effect on the inner wall of the hole. Advanced extrusion production process, so ceramic filter has a unique square and triangular design, it increases the contact area with the ceramic, improve the ability to filter and catch tiny sheet adsorption of impurities, than non-extruded sheet filter filtering effect of good molten metal flows smoothly. Improve the casting speed and continuity; reduce casting scrap rate; improve the mechanical properties of castings and prolong life.

Ceramic foam filter metal solution ceramic foam filter is a special product of the production process. Ceramic foam having a porous structure. Having stable chemical properties, high strength, high temperature, thermal shock resistance, large specific surface area and many other advantages. It is widely used in metallurgy, casting, environmental protection and other fields.