Honeycomb ceramic filter

Honeycomb ceramic filter in addition to ceramic products generally have high temperature, corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength and other basic properties, but also has two of the most important performance, which is the basis of honeycomb ceramic filter filter base:
1, large surface area. In contrast to conventional spherical, ring-shaped ceramic products, the specific surface area of the honeycomb ceramic filter is much greater. Other ceramic products can only increase the surface area by increasing the pattern, perforation and other processes, while the honeycomb ceramic filter due to its own special shape easy to achieve a large surface area. So as to act as a catalytic reaction carrier and regenerator, greatly improving the mass transfer heat transfer efficiency.
2, the resistance is small. The porosity of the honeycomb ceramic filter is straight through, large and regular, and when the gas or liquid passes, the resistance encountered is very small. So as to increase the air flow rate and accumulate and release heat in a short time when used as a regenerator for the kiln. It can reduce the power consumption of the air compressor when used as a reactor packing. When used as a vehicle exhaust purifier, Loss of engine power.