Honeycomb Ceramic Filter

Application :
It Honeycomb ceramic filters are designed for filtration of cast iron and nonferrous alloy. It has the characteristics: larger specific surface, high mechanical strength, and perfect heat-resistance performance. It can make the following result through filter: Purify metal liquid and get ride of non- metal impurity and gas. Make the filling type of the metal liquid steady and reduce the swirl. Simplify the pouring system and improve the producing rate. Reduce the air vent of castings and optimize and thin out metal organization. Improve surface quality of castings and mechanical performance. Reduce the rejection rate of castings, reduce the surplus of processing, raise the life span of the cutter and reduce casting cost.

Made by high pressure production process, honeycomb ceramic filters have high strength.
Effectively remove particles, adsorb small inclusions.
Accurate size ensure the matching precision of the filter and the mold. Especially suitable for the use of automatic production line.

Density (g/cm3) :0.7--1.8
Compressive Strength(MPa)  :>15
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: <5x10-6k-1
Impact Thermal Resistance(800℃):>5
Modulus of Rupture(MPa): 1.3--1.6           
Softening Temperature     Meet various casting temperature