High wear resistant ceramic lining board successfully solves this difficult problem of wear. Skip is one of the main equipment of blast furnace.

The main reason is: the damaged car loaded most of ore and coke with more sharp edges, the car liner wear erosion. At the same time as the vehicle weight, wire rope, winch motor, reducer load, prone to failure, causing significant economic losses. In order to improve the service life of the car. We must first solve the car lining erosion resistance, abrasion resistance and vehicle weight.

Each car weighing 9.3 tons of the original design with the Mn13 liner, abrasion resistance, short service life, maintenance and repair of large quantity of spare parts consumption more funds and higher maintenance costs. It is necessary to design a new type of wear resistant lining plate instead of the original manganese steel lining to meet the needs of blast furnace production. Our company professional organizations of all kinds of wear-resistant materials (austenitic stainless steel, high manganese steel, wear-resistant rubber, wear-resistant ceramic materials etc.) of several comparative experiments. The experimental results show that the NMC type wear resistant ceramic use best.