Fan-shaped honeycomb ceramic filter

The ceramic filter removes the oxide inclusions and other non-metallic inclusions effectively by blocking the capture of the adsorbent. Ceramic filter for the surface polishing requirements of the copper pieces also have a good effect. Honeycomb ceramic with high through-hole rate, strong anti-dregs performance. Honeycomb ceramic has a significant filtration effect on all steel grades. Honeycomb ceramics are widely used in molten metal filter casting and other fields. Honeycomb Ceramics absorbs the latest achievements in the development of foam ceramics both at home and abroad. Ceramic filter to reduce copper turbulence and rectification of molten copper liquid. The ceramic filter utilizes the perfect three-dimensional structure. Ceramic filter to reduce the role of metal turbulence. There is always another category of works can not replace the outstanding. Ceramic filter is also suitable for magnesium alloy die-casting molten liquid filtration. Honeycomb ceramic filter in the ductile iron, gray cast iron casting and other fields have a good effect. Ceramic filter on the thermal shock resistance and resistance to the impact of metal flow. The ceramic filter has a very high working intensity. Ceramic filter excellent raw materials and advanced production technology. Ceramic filter can also be used in continuous casting and rolling process. Honeycomb ceramic filter products bending strength of 1.