Characteristics and classification of ceramic fiber paper

Ceramic fiber paper in papermaking is extremely low slag ball content with ceramic fiber as raw material, after the beating, slag, pulp, fourdrinier forming, vacuum dehydration, drying, cutting and rolling processes are made of high quality insulation made of ceramic fiber products. Bond in use will be completely burned.

Characteristics of ceramic fiber paper

Ceramic fiber paper with low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity, thermal shock resistance, excellent flexibility, tear resistance, non asbestos, corrosion resistance, excellent electrical insulation and sound insulation performance, excellent machining performance, tough texture etc..

Typical applications

1. Heat short circuit

2. Heat insulation gasket

3. Expansion joint

4. Isolation (anti sintering) material

5. Red chips on domestic hot facilities

6. The thermal resistance in the vehicle (silencer and exhaust device, heat shield)

7. Sealing gasket for molten metal

8. Fire prevention

Product specifications and packing: ceramic fiber paper standard volume with 610mm, 1000mm, 1200mm wide. The thickness and length are listed in the following table. Special wide width and length can also be customized and delivery.

Ceramic fiber paper classification

According to the use of temperature ceramic fiber paper is divided into 1260 degrees and 1400 degrees C type two;

According to the use function is divided into "B" type, "HB" type and "H" type.

"B" type ceramic fiber paper with standard or high aluminium powder sprayed fiber as raw material, after the beating, slag, mud, by a long net mechanism into light fiber paper texture is soft and elastic. "B" type ceramic fiber paper with low thermal conductivity and excellent use of strength. Due to the uniform structure, it has the same thermal conductivity and smooth surface. "B" type ceramic fiber paper is mainly used as high temperature insulation material.

"HB" type ceramic fiber paper with fiber raw material and production process and the "B" type ceramic fiber paper and the same, but added the kind of binder and additive quantity is different, "HB" type of ceramic fiber paper added the flame retardant and smoke inhibitor, even in low temperature use will not produce organic matter combustion and flue gas. "HB" type ceramic fiber paper surface smooth, uniform, but its softness, elasticity and tensile strength were slightly lower than that of "B" type ceramic fiber paper, it is often used as insulation material, isolation.

"H" type ceramic fiber paper fiber paper is maximum rigidity, it is prepared by standard ceramic fibers, fillers and other additives, inorganic binder materials such as cotton, rigid fiber paper machine made by long nets. Its excellent performance makes the "H" ceramic fiber paper become the ideal product to replace the asbestos board. "H" type ceramic fiber paper is easy to process, flexible, and has excellent high temperature compressive strength, it is a kind of ideal seal, gasket material.