Ceramic fiber board is aluminum silicate fiber board, one kind of refractory material. After heating, the mechanical strength of the product is better than that of the fiber blanket and felt.

Principle of making

The spray fibers for short, thin, easily broken mixed) as ceramic fiber board materials, adding a certain proportion of binder and filler of additives, after beating machine, in the mixing tank of a fully dispersed into the paste. Pump into the forming pool and mix with compressed air. The mould is put into the forming pool, and the principle of the vacuum pumping is utilized to make the fiber size to be absorbed on the mould. Precise control of adsorption time, the fiber wet material for vacuum dehydration, stripping, placed in the tray to send people drying oven 10-24 hours. After the drying of the fiber board through a dedicated grinding machine, trimming machine, precise control of the size of the.

Features and Applications

Characters and characteristics

Ceramic fiber board in addition to the corresponding bulk ceramic fiber cotton excellent performance, the product of hard texture, toughness and strength, with excellent resistance to wind erosion. Heating does not expand, light weight, construction is convenient, can be arbitrary shear bending, furnace, pipeline and other thermal insulation equipment, the ideal energy-saving materials.

1. High compressive strength and long service life;

2. Low heat capacity, low heat conductivity;

3. Non brittle material, toughness is good;

4. Accurate size, good flatness;

5. Easy cutting and installation, convenient construction;

6. Excellent resistance to wind erosion;

7. Continuous production, uniform fiber distribution, stable performance.

Application range

1. Cement and other building materials industry furnace lining insulation;

2. Thermal insulation of furnace lining in petrochemical, metallurgy, ceramics and glass industry;

3. Heat treatment furnace lining insulation;

4. Non-ferrous metal industry backing insulation;

5. High temperature reaction, heat insulation of back lining of heating equipment

High efficiency drying technology

Ceramic fiber board because of poor thermal conductivity properties, take traditional hot air drying time is very long, and the energy consumption is too large, drying uniformity is poor, by microwave drying technology to bypass the problem of the poor heat transfer performance, improves the production efficiency, in line with the requirements of modern industrial production, energy saving and environmental protection, to solve the traditional ceramic fiber board drying technology for long time, cash flow is slower and the problem of uneven drying, specific characteristics have:

The drying process is fast and rapid, and the depth of the drying can be completed in a few minutes, so that the final water content can reach more than 1/1000;

Dry and uniform, good quality products;

High efficiency and energy saving, safety and environmental protection;

The thermal inertia is small, and the heating is easy to control.