Characteristics and Application of Porous Ceramic Filter

Porous ceramic is a kind of refractory raw material as aggregate, together with the bonding agent and so on through the high temperature sintering and made of ceramic filter material, its structure has a large number of inertial, controllable pore size of the fine pores. In addition to its high temperature, high pressure, acid, alkali corrosion and other characteristics, but also has a uniform pore size, high permeability and other characteristics, it can be widely used for filtration, separation, distribution and silencer materials. Since the 1950s, began to use porous ceramic filter components for the upper and lower water purification, underground drilling aquifer in the sand filter, a variety of drinking water, mineral water sterilization, oil and gas purification, the current product has been standardized , Serialized. Domestic porous ceramic in the application of filtration technology Although the late start, but the porous ceramic filter element for the ceramic filter, has been in the industry separation, purification in the field to be more comprehensive application. Such as petrochemical industry in the liquid - solid, gas - solid separation, pharmaceutical, brewing industry in the sterile purification treatment, environmental protection industry, such as high temperature flue gas dust. At present, the ceramic filter with its unique features, in the separation, purification has become an irreplaceable product.