Ceramic membrane filter applications and advantages

Ceramic membrane filter is set and can be widely used in various fields of super precision filtration and purification equipment. The core component of the inorganic ceramic membrane having excellent thermal stability and stability hole, not only high strength and chemical resistance, good cleaning performance regeneration, both have the dual advantages of high efficiency filter and precision filter.


1. Chemical production: ammonia, ammonia water filtration, secondary brine filtration, desalination lye filtration, charcoal was filtered off, the liquid dicyandiamide fine filter, nitric, sulfuric filter, the fertilizer industry in propylene carbonate resin, copper acetate and ammonium carbonate was filtered potassium filtration.

2. Fine chemical production: a variety of liquid activated carbon filters, the terminal solution fine filtration, purification, fluid fine filter material (acids, bases, alcohols, ketones, water, etc.).

3. Pharmaceutical production: pharmaceutical and bio-chemical liquid filtration and clarification, active carbon filtration, catalyst (palladium on carbon, nickel, etc.) filter, steam filter.

4. Water treatment: a variety of domestic water, process water treatment, industrial waste water purification (coking water, turbid circulating water, etc.). It applies to oil production and wastewater treatment industries. Water treatment industry, industrial water treatment, industrial cooling water purification, high-purity process water purification. Production of water treatment, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, electrodialysis, ion exchange resin prior to the pre-filter. Water reuse treatment, refrigeration equipment, cooling circulating water filtration. Industrial waste water filtration, purification, river water, well water, lake water and other precision filter.

5. Gas filters: all kinds of impurities in the compressed air compressor, oil filter, beer, pharmaceuticals, brewing industry, sterile air preparation, air transport and high-pressure air filtration industry, chemical industry, gas mixing and purification, pharmaceutical industry acidic gases dry dust.

6. High-temperature flue gas purification and dust: High temperature gas purification separation, catalyst recovery, hot gas utilization, high temperature gas purification, high temperature flue gas dust removal, high-temperature hot gas venting material recovery. Various high-pressure gas purification, gas mixture, air filtering and purification of gases, dust. All kinds of air compressor compressed gas purification, aseptic preparation of high-pressure air, steam filters, gas and petrochemical industries in various catalytic filter, acid gases dry dust, environmental protection industry in the high-temperature gas cleaning dust.

7. Food industry: wine, fruit juices, drinks clarification, concentration and sterilization. Clarify food flavor, concentration and sterilization.

Equipment advantages

1. Thermal stability: Thermal stability of the filter material does not crack 250 ℃ ten times;

2. Chemical resistance excellent corrosion resistance, acid, alkali, salt resistance, most of the organic solvent below 70 ℃, odorless, non-toxic, no foreign stripping; for a variety of media filters;

3. Good mechanical strength and hole stability, suitable for high-pressure media filters;

4. High filtration accuracy (filtration accuracy of up to 0.1 m) and filtration rate, good cleaning regeneration properties, suitable for a variety of precision filtration media;

5. Since the clean state, non-toxic, tasteless, with good resistance to microbial attack capability;

6. High filtration efficiency: degreasing rate of 80-95%, particle size greater than 0.5μm suspended solids removal rate of 98%;

7. Filtration precision and filtration rate: an average pore diameter of pores with pore media, wall thickness, and material parameters of the filter differential pressure and other factors, the need to experiment and calculations to determine the correct, you can filter at 5-10m / s filtration rate.