Ceramic filter efficiency of the main factors

The main factors affecting the accuracy of the ceramic filter is a microporous ceramic filter element maximum pore diameter. For the same fluid medium terms, the smaller the aperture, the filter accuracy is higher, the lower the contrary. Secondly, the work pressure has a slight effect on the filtration accuracy. Generally, the liquid medium, which can filter out impurities in the particle size of the ceramic filter element pore size of about 1 / 5-1 / 10. Gas medium due to Brownian motion and lively than the liquid in the gas, the diffusion effect increases the capture, the impurities trapped particle size of the filter element pore size of about 1 / 15-1 / 25.

Filtration: refers to the ability to filter the fluid medium in the smallest particles of solid impurities particle size in μm, as already mentioned, in terms of the ceramic filter, the filtration accuracy to 0.1μm.

Filtration rate Q: both within the unit time through a fluid medium quality ceramic filter unit m3 / h. Since the porous ceramic filter is a set of inertia collision, trapping a combination of diffusion and filtration, thus viscosity of the fluid medium, the working medium pressure, filter itself microporous filtration rate their performance have a greater impact. Theoretically porous ceramic aperture greater, the higher the porosity, the greater the working pressure, the greater the flow, and as the porous ceramic wall thickness increases, the viscosity increases, flow decreases rapidly.

A- filter area, P- import and export filters work pressure, E- porosity of the filter element. index n- (2-4), K- permeability coefficient, D- pore diameter of the filter element, L- thickness of the filter element, G- viscosity fluid medium.