Ceramic filter characteristics and effects

Ceramic filter having two end surfaces and the outer peripheral surface and a plurality of spaced walls formed from one to the other of said end surface has been through the end face of the fluid to be purified of the main flow path a porous body, and placed in the main filtration membrane inner wall surface of the road posed. The opening is formed from said one end face side of the main flow channel flows into the purge fluid is filtered through the membrane and the inner porous material to be decontaminated, as clarified fluid from the porous body the outer circumferential surface is removed, or purified by the fluid from flowing into the outer peripheral surface of the porous material through the porous body and the inner membrane filtration to be purified. And as purge fluid from said at least one end face side of the main flow channel opening portion is removed.

Wherein: said plurality of vertical main flow channel is purified fluid or the flow path in the direction of the cross-sectional shape of the cleaning fluid is arranged in a predetermined row-like pattern, the partition wall being located close to each other specific vertical column spacer portion between the predetermined main flow path (main flow path of the first specific) is purified fluid or the cleaning fluid in the flow path direction of the cross-sectional shape, the two parallel lines are spaced apart a predetermined interval surrounded by the shape of the formed perpendicular to said first specific main flow channel or fluid to be purified in the purification of the cross-sectional shape of the fluid passage direction, is specified through said wall portion and facing a predetermined constituting the two parallel lines disposed above the heptagonal or edges between polygonal (reference side), and, at both ends of the reference to the intersecting edge of the second side and the third side when the side with the second side and at the opposite end of the base edge intersects the edge of the fourth side, the third side and at the opposite end of the base edge intersects the edge of the fifth side, θ1 , θ2, θ3, θ4 (wherein, θ1, θ2, θ3, θ4 represent the reference side and the second side of the angle formed by (θ1), the reference side and the angle formed by the third side (θ2), said second edge and said fourth angle formed by the edge (θ3), and a third side edge of the angle formed by the fifth (θ4)) in the range of 110 ~ 160 °, At the same time, the side length of the reference (a) and the fourth and the fifth side edges of the maximum distance (B) satisfy the relationship 0.3B≤A≤0.7B.


Ceramic foam filter is nearly two years to develop a new type of filter. Through a ceramic filter can effectively remove or reduce the cast liquid metal inclusions and improve the purity of the liquid metal, so that the casting metal casting surface smooth, uniform structure, increase strength, reduce scrap rates, while further reducing the machine processing losses, increased labor productivity. The products are mainly used for filtration of molten metal casting industry for steel, cast iron, aluminum alloys, non-ferrous castings and large castings. Therefore, the products are widely used in automobile, shipbuilding, locomotives, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, aviation, aerospace, machine tools, electrical, engineering, piping, valves, fittings and other machinery manufacturing industries of various castings. Since the casting process using ceramic foam filter metal oxides and other solid residue contained in the molten metal, thus improving the quality and yield of castings, the use of ceramic foam filter promote technological progress in the foundry industry.