Ceramic fiber blanket Product Description

Ceramic fiber blanket also known as ceramic fiber blanket, because one of the main ingredient is alumina and alumina is the main ingredient of porcelain, so called ceramic fiber blanket. Ceramic fiber blanket is mainly divided into ceramic fiber and ceramic fiber blanket rejection blowing Sitan. Ceramic fiber rejection Sitan because filaments long, thermal conductivity, thermal insulation performance is superior to the ceramic fiber blanket blowing. Most multi-purpose pipeline construction insulation ceramic fiber rejection Sitan.

The use of special aluminum silicate ceramic fiber blanket ceramic fiber filament specially shaped double-sided needling process. After sided needling process greatly improves the flatness of the degree of woven fibers, delamination properties, tensile strength and surface. Fiber blanket does not contain any organic binding agent, in order to ensure that the ceramic fiber blanket high temperature, low temperature conditions have good stability and can be made.

product manual

Color white, size regular, set fire resistance, insulation, thermal insulation in one. It does not contain any binder. Can still maintain good tensile strength, toughness and fiber structure long-term use in a neutral, oxidizing atmosphere. Temperature of 950-1400 ℃.

typical application

High temperature insulation aerospace, steel, petrochemical; military equipment fireproof insulation; industrial furnace, heating device wall lining, insulation backing; high temperature equipment insulation; high temperature pipe insulation; fire insulation of electrical components; high temperature gasket; module folding block materials.

Technical characteristics

Ceramic fiber blanket has a low thermal conductivity, low thermal capacity, excellent chemical stability, excellent thermal stability and shock resistance, excellent tensile strength, excellent sound absorption, it is an excellent material insulation refractories.