Ceramic Foam Filter of Experience

Ceramic Foam Filter of ExperienceCeramic foam filter, referred to as "CFF". Usually with poly urethane foam impregnated with ceramic slurry, slurry was then extruded, and the remaining foam coated fiber around the ceramic material, sintered at high temperature roasting, poly-urethane thermal decomposition, leaving the foam ceramics --- ceramic foam filter. The filter can be used for various kinds of casting alloys, and the product has been commercialized. This filtration process has been fully promoted in industrialized countries, extensive use, become improve the mechanical properties of castings, reduce porosity, inclusions are the most simple and effective way.

The company's first production of important castings, resin sand, hot box sand core manufacturing screen, large apertures and low temperature strength, observed after pouring sand core filter perforations have been expanded molten iron erosion phenomenon. Sintered bauxite to the screen, but still large mesh holes. First Year extensive use of fire-resistant fiber woven filter, have been found to break the phenomenon of molten iron. Later in the woven mesh padded mesh using a refractory, such cost increases and the process is cumbersome, and finally test the use of ceramic foam filters.

Ceramic foam filter due to the different choice of materials, colors have different sintered by high temperature molten iron to withstand erosion life test that black silicon carbide material as well.

Filter size is determined by the metal filter area should be large enough, not because the filter is placed into the mold and affect the casting speed and pouring time, so in the process to consider: Factors that set slag, filter, damping factors, before and after the filter should be large enough space, enabling the collection of inclusions, but also conducive to the smooth flow through the metal. The use of ceramic foam filters, to prevent the filter inclusions affect the flow of metal, the choice of filter size based on the amount of metal filters, as shown in Table +. FCL if too much iron is available on the runner bifurcation, the use of multiple filters.