Ceramic Foam Filter China

Ceramic Foam FilterSilicon carbide has excellent strength and high temperature impact and chemical corrosion. It can heat to about 1560 ° C. Therefore, they apply to all copper alloys and cast iron foundry. Ceramic foam filters can significantly improve the quality of cast iron parts and reduce scrap. It can also be used in continuous casting and rolling process. It can be made into all standard sizes and different thicknesses.

Ceramic foam filter basic material with silicon carbide, zirconia, alumina three.

Ceramic foam filter for water or molten copper has an excellent filtering effect. The use of three-dimensional structure. By capturing absorption barrier effectively removes oxide inclusions and other non-metallic inclusions. Whether it is gray iron, ductile iron or shaft, cylinder or large complex, precision metal parts filtered. Product quality will get satisfactory results.

Ceramic foam filter is also suitable for copper, bronze, brass and other copper alloys. Reducing turbulence and rectification copper liquid purification molten copper. Particularly valuable is filtered purified copper casting turbine in marine vessels, chemical or high demand parts evil fierce environment significantly prolong life. The requirements for surface polishing bronze pieces have good results. Ceramic foam filter also plays an important role in the traditional system of the copper industry and electrical and electronic system for copper and other industrial and continuous casting and rolling process. Because copper and zinc alloys including alloy has a larger proportion. Greater thermal shock when pouring, so in the bronze process. The use of silicon carbide ceramic foam filter size generally have strict rules.