Ceramic Fiber Textile Product

Ceramic Fiber Textiles contain Cloth,Rope,Tape and Yarn and so on,which have been special processed by the ceramic fiber, fiberglass and steel wire. Also, we can manufacture and supp the bastard sizes products as the client demand

Product Series:
1260 Ceramic fiber yarn GW-208G1 (Glass fiber reinforce) GW208G2 (Steel wire reinforced)
1260 Ceramic fiber twisted rope (wicker) GW-208H
1260 Ceramic fiber twisted rope (yarn) GW-208D1 (Glass fiber reinforced) GW-208D2 (Steel wire reinforced)
1260 Ceramic fiber square braided rope GW-208E1 (Fiber glass reinforced) GW-208E2 (Steel wire reinforced)
1260 Ceramic fiber round braided rope GW-208C1 (Fiber glass reinforced) GW-208C2 (Steel wire reinforced)
1260 Ceramic fiber tap GW-208B1 (Fiber glass reinforced); GW-208B2 (Steel wire reinforced)
1260 Ceramic fiber cloth GW-208A1 (Fiber glass reinforced); GW-208A2 (Steel wire reinforced)
1260 Ceramic fiber sleeve RDGW-208F

Excellent high-temperature strength
Excellent electric insulation capability
Excellent corrosion resistance to acid, oil and steam
Low thermal conductivity
Excellent thermal insulation capability

Insulation material for high temperature high-temperature tubes and container; the shield for heat radiation, dress for protection of labor, high-temperature safety curtain, protection for cable or fuel tube, flame retardant coating of high temperature metal compensator, and other industrial thermal insulation, heat preservation, fire resistance and protectio
Insulation of high temperature tubes and containers, etc.; cable insulation twine; the seal of coking furnace opening; the dilatation joint of cracking furnace brick wall; the seal of the doors of electric furnace and oven; the seal of the boiler and hot gas obturator; bind of flexible expansion joint
Insulation for the industrial; insulation twine of the air duct, etc.; the flange
coupling of screw bolt; thermal radiation shield; the curtain of high-temperature furnace
Materials for stitching up the fireproof cloth