Application of foam ceramics

The application of foam ceramics began in 1870s, when only uranium purification materials and bacterial filtration materials were used. With the continuous expansion of the scope for the use of ceramic foam, its application field is gradually expanding, by filtering, thermal field gradually extended to heat insulation, sound-absorbing, electronics, optoelectronics, sensors, biology and chemistry.
Microporous ceramic membrane separation membrane with acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, long life and other advantages have been recognized by the people, and are developed and applied in many fields of food industry, biological and chemical engineering, energy engineering, environmental engineering, electronic technology and other. With the development of material science, the preparation and application of nanometer porous inorganic membrane has become a hot research topic.
At present, a lot of research institutes are committed to the research of porous hydroxyapatite ceramic materials. Porous hydroxyapatite ceramic was prepared by adding pore forming agent and foam ceramics. The pore of porous hydroxyapatite was connected with each other, which was beneficial to the microcirculation of tissue fluid, and to promote the infiltration and growth of cells. At present, developed the foam ceramic hydroxyapatite artificial bone and implant has been used in clinical trials, caused the attention of medicine and materials science.
Food, health industry with foam ceramic foam ceramics due to its high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and good biological and chemical properties, which can be an enzyme for the pharmaceutical industry, viruses, vaccines, nucleic acids, proteins and other physiological active substances concentration, separation and purification. In the food and beverage industry, in particular, it is suitable for the filtration of the beverage with high color, fragrance and taste, and is expected to play an important role in the production of beer.
Environmental materials with the development of modern industry, more and more emission of all walks of life in the production of harmful gases and wastewater, if not handled properly, it will seriously affect the human living environment. So environmental protection become the era theme. Foam ceramic has been a long time in the application of automotive catalytic converter. The catalytic converter can make the organic solvent and the odor gas catalytic combustion in the waste water, and achieve the purpose of purifying the deodorant. High permeability foam ceramics with high temperature resistance and good thermal shock resistance can be effectively removed. In the process of urban sewage treatment, the foam ceramic material has also become the material used in the aeration treatment process.
Thermal insulation material foam ceramics with low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal shock resistance and other characteristics, is an ideal heat resistant material. Made of ceramic foam typical heat-resistant material is heat-resistant brick. The material with ZrO2 and SiC, magnesium salt and calcium salt, use temperature up to 1600 DEG C, is the world's best insulation materials, called for "super thermal insulation material", which has been applied in the shuttle shell insulation and guided warhead forced sweating.