Ammonia ceramic membrane filter

Coking plant coking project, due to the addition of water and coking coal blending generated when the combined water, so that an increase in the amount of ammonia formed by the remaining ammonia, tar-containing high residual ammonia after the blockage caused by the process piping and equipment, conveying resistance, the pump increased energy consumption. For example, ammonia evaporation bottoms lumps, causing the bottom blowdown valve stuck, sewage blockage of drain operations ammonia evaporation tower; the internal heat exchanger blockage, low heat transfer efficiency; meter sampling tube blockage affecting the normal regulation of production. Ammonia tar content, distilled ammonia waste oil corresponding high, limiting the phenol from wastewater biological activity of bacteria in the process, the impact of wastewater treatment, regular maintenance needs to stop ammonia evaporation towers, affecting the stability of continuous ammonia evaporation tower.


Microporous ceramic filter operating temperature 85 ℃, at 105 ℃ recoil temperature process environments, in addition to heavy tar average filter out impurities in the range of 80-90%, the regenerative capacity of 100% within two years.

Ammonia ceramic membrane filter into use, the overall health of the ammonia evaporation system unit has been significantly improved. Before and after the filter residual ammonia tar track and testing, found front and rear filter residual ammonia concentration by the average oil 350-700mg / l to less than 50mg / l, ammonia water quality after filtration to give very good improvement.

After evaporation of residual ammonia by ammonia, the amount of slag bottoms significantly reduced ammonia evaporation tower heat exchanger clogging does not occur, transport ammonia wastewater flow, extending the life cycle of the heat exchanger to reduce the replacement of heat transfer equipment.

Ammonia filter characteristics are: degreasing technology to overcome a lot of problems, oil removal efficiency is very high, a simple filter device structure, small footprint, less equipment, easy installation, with good corrosion resistance, long life advantages ; backwash effect, the elapsed time is short, easy to control.